Why Predator?

No leakage

All of our jackets and pants are fully seamed sealed to ensure against leakage of any type.

Technical Fabrics

We use technical proprietary fabrics developed especially to our specifications and requirements to ensure the highest level of performance and durability.

Water Shedding

We have developed and tested a proprietary DWR coating that ensures our fabrics will continue to shed water and not wet out over the life of the garment.

Extensive Features

All jackets and pants offer an extensive selection of standard features.

Extensive Testing

All of our finished garments are subjected to rigorous testing both internally and with external facilities in addition to continual real life applications to ensure maximum performance and durability.

Durable fabrics

All our fabrics provide 5 times the industry standard abrasion resistance and cracking.

Extra Warmth

We use extra warmth Thinsulate insulation and a proprietary DWR coating that ensures our jackets and pants will continue to keep you warm and dry over the life of the garment.

No Fading

We use 200 hour dyestuffs instead of the industry standard 40 hour dyestuffs to ensure no fading will occur over the life of the garments.

Only Quality

We use only YKK zippers and the best quality components.